Pastor Danny Walker was born in West Minister, SC, to Melvin and Doris Walker.  He is the Pastor of Nazareth Baptist Church in Sparta, GA and Moore’s Chapel Church in Greensboro, GA.  We affectionately refer to Pastor Danny Walker as Danny.  Few gospel singers are know worldwide by just their first name or referred to in just one word.  Danny is one of those artists.  Mention the name Danny to any gospel quartet enthusiasts and immediately they know you are talking about Pastor Danny Walker of The Fantastic Violinaires.

Danny started singing as a young boy with his family group.  At that time, would you believe, he was the bass singer.  As a bass singer, his favorite song was I Want To Be Ready.   

In the early 60’s, Danny’s sister came across an album by The Fantastic Violinaires titled Live The Right Way.  His sister would play the album all the time. Whenever Danny heard the album, he thought that the melodious voices were women voices.  He asked his sister, “why do you keep playing those women over and over again?”  He admits that the album sounded good.  In response, his sister asked what women? Those are not women singing, they are men.  Danny was astonished to know that the voices he was hearing were men. He asked himself the question, how can a man possibly make his voice sound like that.  It was around that time that he decided that he did not want to continue singing bass.

So he started trying to sound exactly like Robert Blair. He could hear Lil Shot voice ring out above all the other voices and that really caught his attention.  Danny began to work on his voice.  He was attracted to the tenor and falsetto sounds.  And, thus he changed over from singing bass to tenor.  The transition took about 5 years.  In the early 70’s Danny sang with two local groups The Spirtualaires and The Violinotes. 

On March 13, 1979, he joined The Fantastic Violinaires. Through Danny’s singing God has blessed his voice tremendously. And, it has certainly endeared fans all over the world to that unique Violinaires’ sound.  As a gospel singer, Robert Blair and Lil Shot Jones inspired him the most. Danny’s favorite group of all time is The Fantastic Violinaires. 

In addition to singing, he enjoys fishing, gardening, and raising and riding horses.  Danny is grateful to God for all that he has done for him down through the years.  And, he gives God all the praise for allowing him to use his vocal talents to bring the Word in song to the world. 



The Fantastic Violinaires